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Great Stuff!

All was good and can’t wait to use!!!

3D Surprise Bird house bag

Love the containers and the colours, can't wait to find spots to hide them

Always great!!

Its almost like a mini-holiday when the bag arrives, and dreams begin... where shall I put this, how can I use this. This is a great selection of items, well made, and actually useful. I'll be back!

The Travel Bug
Geocacher - Birta
The TBs

Yes, these are great travel bugs. Have seen a few around lately and have moved a couple recently. One had trekked some 4000 km already when I sent it on and the other had arrived from Europe to Canada via multiple stops. Both travel bugs were in good order and eager to keep traveling.

Preform Container
Paul Williams (Nunavut Taidy)
Preforms really perform

Combined with fan logs, or even with more traditional log sheets, these preform containers are great. They can be slid into so many small places, like that rock wall around the corner for instance, or that drainpipe. A good seal on them as they are or you could add your own o-ring for extra protection.

As for Bryan and the store... wonderful to work with, let me assure you. Prompt service, prompt responses to queries. I'll certainly be back....

Logwerks "The FANtastic Logbook"
Paul Williams (Nunavut Taidy)
LogWerks Fantastic logbook is just that

Fantastic, I mean. The perfect size for some of the thinner caches, like preforms and thinks, but also good for all caches where size can be an issue like smaller lock'n'locks and the like. You could also, with a bit of trimming, use them in larger bison and many 3D printed containers. I quite enjoy these fan logs.

Great products

Great product, hold up well in the wild

Lovely collection of bird houses

Very happy with the five differently shaped and coloured bird houses. No I'll have to come up with a nice series of bird themed puzzle caches 🙂

Nice color

This is a very nice color, will blend in nicely with fallen leaf

Nice collection

Was a nice collection, various colors and shapes, can't wait for spring to hide them

Mystery bag

I always love the mystery surprise package, although I suppose that I always hope for more tools of the trade, but none-the-less I do love the containers. Good containers always make for funner hides.
Many thanks to Cacher's Corner Store for great service, great products for a wonderful hobby.
drdrkxz aka Derek.

Very happy.

I bought it for my sister as a gift. She loved it. Appeared very good quality and soft.

I love it! Very happy

3D Printed Cache Containers

I was hoping to take some of these really cool 3D printed cache containers to a geocaching event I was planning to attend, but I wasn't sure if they would be ready on time, or if they could be shipped to the USA fast enough for me to have them before the event. I went ahead and placed the order and got an update a day or two later that my order was almost complete and ready to ship. Then I was completely surprised and extremely happy when the package arrived a full four days before the event.

The containers were all perfect and looked exactly as they do on the Cachers Corner Store web page. I took them to the event and everybody wanted one. The frogs were the most popular, and the poop-shaped caches were a big hit too. I had to explain the significance of the can of beans to one cacher and then he quickly grabbed the container and made plans to hide it. These containers are all very well-made, although I haven't actually hidden any of them yet, so I don't know how well they hold up to the weather, but I suspect that they are pretty tough and will not have any problems. These are a really nice idea to add a little extra surprise and a smile or two when cachers come searching for them.

Thanks to Cachers Corner Store for getting my order completed so quickly and shipping it out right away. These 3D printed cache containers are super fantastic and they're a big hit down here in Ohio and Pennsylvania in the USA!

Halloween Hides

We ordered these in October and when they came in we knew we had to do an entire Halloween Series around them. They were Epic. We included these with the other caches and already have almost 20 favourite points for the series. Get ready for our Christmas order! Also I forgot to take pictures. Dang it.

Darth Vader Bison Tube
Dustin Austin
Dark varder

One nice cache containers I have out there

Very pleased

Great verity of products, fast shipping and great costumer service. I shop here again.

Great products

Everything was packaged with care and arrived in great shape
Would do business with them again

Arrived quickly in the mail and looks just as the pic showed with the log sheet. It will surely do its job! Thanks!

Nasty Hanging Nanos
Lise Noël
Nasty Hanging Nanos

La commande est arrivée très rapidement et en bon état. Très bon service.

Ensemble de 25 000 trouvailles GeoAchievement

Belle pièce reçu très rapidement. Très bon service.

Cache hider's cache of supplies August animal edition

Great assortment of supplies, the cache containers are well made, unique and ready to hide! Can't wait to release the supplied TB! Would recommend this cache of supplies to any current or future CO.

1.8ml Screw On Lid Tubes
Tony Poxleitner
Nice Handy Vial

Great little vials which will help keep our logs dry in those smaller hides.

Still Fools People

We have one of these placed published, and this is a replacement plate in the event it goes missing. It is hard to believe, where we have it, it still fools the most experienced Geocachers.

Very Nice 3D Bison Tube

We have put out similar ones, and these are for future replacements. Very Solid and the the included Vial is great for the log. Log was not included