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First time purchase but not my last!

I took a chance on the grab bag, and was delighted when I opened it. So many caches, I can not wait to hide all of them!! The 3d printed ones are a big hit with my family, there is one that I was told we are going to keep, and not hide! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!! Thanks

I love using Writ In The rain logs for doing cache maintenance. These fit the bill perfectly. Quick and easy process in ordering.

Highly recommended for the geocachers in your life

I ordered the Canadian Travel bug first my daughters and granddaughter who are crazy geocachers. They've even taken me on some of their adventures. Can't wait to see where the travel bugs go! Great store, great products... highly recommended!!

log sheets

The rite in the rain sheets are perfect for any weather. Always need to replace my logs.


I have many caches that are hidden in these tubes. I'm glad I was able to get some for replacements. It was a quick process.

Large Cache Label

Has held up well on our ammo can hidden in January of this year. Lots of room to write and sticks very well.

Thermometer Geocache Container

Love this! Larger than expected and looks like it will blend in well! I wouldn’t think twice if I saw this on someone’s wall, looks just like the real thing. Nice that it comes with 2 logs as well.


As soon as i saw this, i had to have it! This item is what made me make my first order, and i absolutely LOVE IT! I cannot wait to make a great description and hide with this awesome Smiley!

A Purrr-fect Gift!

I bought this cute, adorable container for a friend and fellow cacher for christmas...(shhhh don't tell!) Absolutely perfect for any cat lovers out there. It was so cute, I even bought one for myself! I can't wait to see if more colours come availanle!


Everything inside the goody bag is absolutely Wonderful! I like how logs are included for each container, a short description or story for the 3D printed characters, great craftmanship. I can't wait to hide them!

Rolling Stones Bison Tube
Great customized cache

I put in a special request and Brian worked with me to create something special. Appreciate the quick turn-around and great communications to ensure I got what I expected.

Anchor Bison Tube
Kevin Howard
Really fitting design.

Bought this anchor bison tube for a tribute cache for a friend who recently passed. Haven't hidden it yet, but it is the perfect design for his time with the Canadian Coast Guard auxiliary.

Good for Dr. Who fans

This container blends in well with some other Dr. Who themed items I have around the house, so it will also be put to good use both as a hiding-in-plain-sight secret item holder container, when not being used as a geocache container in non-seasonable times.

Nice set of birdhouse-shaped containers

The bird-house-shaped containers are pretty nice and I liked the variety of colours! The birdhouse theme is spot-on and they will all be great to use both as geocache containers and as family-day-scavenger-hunt-activity containers!


Freaking cute birdhouses!! Well-made and cleverly designed!

Perfect in every way

Beautiful colour. Perfect fit (L). Graphic is clean and precise.

Great Stuff!

All was good and can’t wait to use!!!

3D Surprise Bird house bag

Love the containers and the colours, can't wait to find spots to hide them

Always great!!

Its almost like a mini-holiday when the bag arrives, and dreams begin... where shall I put this, how can I use this. This is a great selection of items, well made, and actually useful. I'll be back!

The Travel Bug
Geocacher - Birta
The TBs

Yes, these are great travel bugs. Have seen a few around lately and have moved a couple recently. One had trekked some 4000 km already when I sent it on and the other had arrived from Europe to Canada via multiple stops. Both travel bugs were in good order and eager to keep traveling.

Preform Container
Paul Williams (Nunavut Taidy)
Preforms really perform

Combined with fan logs, or even with more traditional log sheets, these preform containers are great. They can be slid into so many small places, like that rock wall around the corner for instance, or that drainpipe. A good seal on them as they are or you could add your own o-ring for extra protection.

As for Bryan and the store... wonderful to work with, let me assure you. Prompt service, prompt responses to queries. I'll certainly be back....

Logwerks "The FANtastic Logbook"
Paul Williams (Nunavut Taidy)
LogWerks Fantastic logbook is just that

Fantastic, I mean. The perfect size for some of the thinner caches, like preforms and thinks, but also good for all caches where size can be an issue like smaller lock'n'locks and the like. You could also, with a bit of trimming, use them in larger bison and many 3D printed containers. I quite enjoy these fan logs.

Great products

Great product, hold up well in the wild

Lovely collection of bird houses

Very happy with the five differently shaped and coloured bird houses. No I'll have to come up with a nice series of bird themed puzzle caches 🙂

Nice color

This is a very nice color, will blend in nicely with fallen leaf

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