Custom Logo RITR Large Micro Log Sheets


Placing a bunch of caches for an event and want the event logo on your logs? Or would you prefer your own name or logo on your logs? Let us make them for you!

(Please note, there is a one-time $2.00 setup charge per design for these which will be added during checkout. If you need more logs at a later date with your setup design, this fee will not apply.  When purchasing this product, please reply to the invoice you will receive and include the logo you would like. Thanks.)

Save money on your next Rite in the Rain logs! Preprinted on Rite in the Rain paper, these complete sheets of large micro-sized logs are perfect for bison tubes and other similar size containers, and will save you a lot of money if you don’t mind cutting them up yourself. Each of the seven logs per page is 30mm wide (approx 1.2″) per sheet and are double-sided to provide plenty of space for cacher’s to sign into your cache, allowing a longer time between cache maintenance.


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  • Custom Logo - Pack of 10 - $7.00
  • Custom Logo - Pack of 5 - $4.50
  • Custom Logo - Single Sheet - $1.10
Custom Logo RITR Large Micro Log Sheets