GeoTacks® FireTacks® – Green

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Please Note: These cannot be shipped via letter-mail due to the tacks likely puncturing envelope and risking injury to postal workers.

GeoTacks® are for GeoCache. Geo means “relating to the earth”. Cache means a collection of items stored in a hidden place. Tacks of course, are tacks. These GeoTacks® are the green base tacks with our trade secret Stealth Bright centers.

In day time, they look like nature.  They are hard to see during the day which is great for hiding trails or doing trails on public land where you don’t want other people to see snipe your GeoTacks®. But at night they’ll be hard to miss.

GeoTacks® Includes:

  • 25-qty GeoTacks®


  • High quality 3M reflective materials – Sturdy plastic tacks with coated pins to resist rust. and last for years
  • Prismatic Technology – 1000 prisms per square inch and 10x brighter than ordinary trail markers such as push pins
  • Made in USA


  • Can be seen up to 120°
  • Up to 300 yards in clear conditions
  • Optimal visibility at 20-200 yards
  • Brightest when flashlight is held near eye level
  • Up to 200 yards in mist or rainy conditions
  • Maintains reflectivity when wet

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